Halal Catering

Chef Jamil is experienced in providing a fully Halal menu and dining experience.

Here is a partial list of Halal Specialties:

  • Beef Stroganoff
  • Beef Goulash
  • Braised Beef
  • Baked Salmon
  • Baked Chicken (with home seasoning)
  • Chicken Breast stuffed with mushroom and white sauce
  • Chicken Breast stuffed with spinach and white sauce
  • Chicken Shish Taouk
  • Chicken Musakhan
  • Fried Kibbeh
  • Grilled Salmon
  • Kifta Kabob
  • Lamb Shish Kabob
  • Lamb Chops
  • Lamb Shanks
  • Lebanese Meat Pie
  • Meat Pie
  • Morrocan Cigars with Meat
  • Roast Leg of Lamb served with rice ground meat & pine nuts
  • Stuffed Turkey Breast
  • Tenderloin Kabob


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