Just call us at 703-405-0928 and discuss your needs!

You may know exactly what you want in terms of menu and dates.

Or you can describe the kind of event, the number of guests, and ask for Chef Jamil’s recommendations.



For typical dessert tray orders we need 1 day’s notice.

For large parties or special we need at least 3 days in advance to acquire the most perfect ingredients.

For orders over $50 we require  50% paid in advance.


If you are ordering any of the 6 popular dessert trays (17 inches by 13 inches) below and would like to pay online, simply use the drop down menu to select the dessert option and enter in your email address and name in the box below. Then when you click on “Pay Now” you will be taken to the PayPal /credit card page.

If you’d like to pay some other amount for a different order simply enter the payment amount in “Other Amount” box. And in the box below, please enter in your phone number and name. Then please let us know the details of what you are ordering by filling out the contact form and sending that note to us. You should receive a confirmation from us with-in 24 hours.

NOTE: If you would like to discuss prices for multiple trays, please call (703) 405-0928

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